Garage Flooring and Garage Cabinets

Since 2008, Gorilla Garage has been providing the “Wow” factor for hundreds of clients in the area. How do we do it? A combination of products, experience and service.

Gorilla Garage Flooring

We’re pleased to offer a floor finish that is superior to virtually anything on the market, and is perfect for residential and commercial applications. The result is a floor that is as beautiful as it is durable. We call it the “Wow” factor. And our clients agree.

Standard floor coatings, such as epoxy, pale in comparison to Gorilla Garage Flooring. Unfortunately, too many homeowners are disappointed soon after they have their garage floor coated with epoxy. Hot car tires and oil spills cause stains and peeling that turn what was initially a beautiful floor into something that looks worn and dingy after only a year or two. Gorilla Garage was started to find a better alternative – something that would last a lifetime. That’s what we did.

The patented Gorilla Floor Coating is 20 times stronger and five times more flexible than epoxy. Because of our professional installation and the extraordinary durability of our material, we offer homeowners a unique and unsurpassed warranty… our coating will not stain or peel for as long as you own your home. Plus, the warranty is transferable!

When it comes to looks, Gorilla garage flooring can’t be beat. Our customers really do say “Wow!” when their project is finished. But even more importantly, their floors still have that “Wow” factor two, ten or twenty years later. Gorilla Floor Coatings aren’t limited to garages. They’re also great around pools, on patios, in basements, or any concrete surface. Our commercial clients find our coatings work extremely well on factory floors, school bathrooms and showers, automotive repair shops, oil change facilities, and animal clinics, to name a few.

And Gorilla garage flooring is eco-friendly, virtually odor-free and has extremely low VOCs. The finish will never require resurfacing. Your floor will be beautiful, durable and easy to clean for many years.

Gorilla Garage Cabinets

Flooring is only one part of creating the ideal garage. A beautiful floor can be spoiled by a cluttered garage. We’re pleased to offer RedLine Garagegear, some of the finest and most durable garage cabinets available. RedLine Garagegear is custom built for your application, and with over 500 garage cabinets and specialty cabinets choices, will fit like a glove.

RedLine Garagegear garage cabinets have been designed specifically for the garage environment but are great in commercial environments too. Their powder-coated exterior will last a lifetime (like our flooring). Choice of durable countertops finish the system.

RedLine Garagegear looks great too. With 11 color choices you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.

Gorilla Garage Experience and Service

Our installers are experts in the preparation and application of our garage flooring system. We utilize specialized diamond disk grinding equipment to clean and prepare the surface for coating, and our grinders are connected to industrial vacuums to minimize dust. Any cracks or divots are filled and ground smooth prior to coating. Our typical coating is three layers – base coat, decorative chips, and top coat. 

Most jobs are completed in one day. You can walk on the floor after six hours and drive on it after 24 hours (vs.72 hours for epoxy).

We’ve installed hundreds of floors in garages, basements, around pools, schools, industrial settings, shops, retail stores, animal clinics and more. We’ve seen the most common situations, and some of the most challenging. The one constant is the reaction of our clients…”Wow!”

Contact us today and let us put the “Wow” in your garage.

The Gorilla Advantage

  • Low Price Guarantee! 
  • Fast installation – 1 day for most residential installs
  • Rapid “return to service” (24 hrs. vs.
    72 hrs. for epoxy!)
  • Professional installation by highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured


The two men were on time and worked through the morning preparing the surface and were finished in five hours. Very professional. Great product!. We love the finished product and I am sure it has added value to our home.

Geraldine Mcdede,  Brentwood, TN

Looks as good as our kitchen tile. Our two Land Rover vehicles have never had it so good!!!

Richard Williams, Murfreesboro, TN